Keep Your Monthly Payment From Rising

Get peace of mind from a stabilized mortgage payment

Keep your payments from rising and secure a fixed or new lower rate.

Did you select an adjustable rate mortgage for its extremely low payment and amazingly low initial interest rate? An ARM is an ideal loan program for many home buyers, but the initial rate period offers the most benefits for only a determined amount of time.

If you have reached the end of your initial fixed low interest period, you can take control over your payments and get the stability of a new rate for the next 5, 10, 15, or even 30 years.

The length of time you plan on staying in your home is the biggest factor in selecting a loan program designed to stabilize your mortgage payment.

Our American Pacific Mortgage loan advisors are experienced with helping homeowners out of rising interest rates and into a new loan that offers security and stable payments. Find an advisor who will explain your options, help you compare new loan programs side by side, and guide you confidently through the refinance process.

Wondering what your new monthly payment could be? Our mortgage calculator can show you how much a new loan can save you each month, so you know how to budget and plan for your future. Apply online today to stabilize your payment.


Planning on staying in your home for 10 years or longer?

Consider a fixed rate mortgage. The long term stability of a fixed rate makes it our most popular loan option. Lock in a competitive rate, and budget around a monthly payment that will remain the same for the life of your loan. A 15-year fixed rate will pay your home off faster, while a 30-year fixed rate will provide a lower payment each month.

Planning on staying in your home for the next 5 -10 years?

Refinancing into another adjustable rate mortgage may allow you to lock in a lower interest rate typically with a 5, 7, or 10 year fixed period. ARMs generally provide a much lower interest rate for this initial fixed period, making it a valuable tool when your goals for the home are short-term. This gives you the dual benefit of a stable monthly payment with higher monthly cash flow.